Artist Sydney Rose at 2021 Exhibition The Illusion of Separation


My name is Sydney Rose. 

I have been a painter for as long as I can remember. My first concrete memory of creating art comes from when I was around four. I do still use my fingers to paint sometimes, but my creative vision as an independent artist has certainly evolved since then. I am a multimedia artist and while my primary medium is oil paint, I enjoy growing in other disciplines like sculpture, pencil drawing, and digital work. 

I truly believe a piece of artwork isn't just a physical image for your eyes to consume. A piece of original, handmade artwork was cultivated and grown from a seed of creative thought in the artist's mind. It holds emotions of the artist, the subject, even the location in which it was created. A piece of original artwork holds energy. It is an energetic fingerprint you choose for your space, your home. Choose wisely what artwork you honor in your space, as carefully as you choose what artwork you have tattooed on your body and what media you consume, what people are in your life. I believe that if you create intention behind every decision you make, you will watch as things transform around you to flow with those intentions. I try to connect with the energy of the viewer through my work. 

Spiritual connection and higher dimensions of consciousness sow the seeds of creation in my mind's eye, and they bloom as the paintings I create. I find inspiration in humanity, mythology and folklore, and the natural world, but most frequently I am inspired by my own spiritual experiences, dreams, and memories. 


I am walking my highest path as a visionary artist and I am grateful to share this vision I hold of our planet and the universe beyond with you all. I am eternally grateful for your support, and know in my heart that amid the chaos, we are creating peace. 

Thank you for being here. 


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