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Welcome, beloved. 


I am a Sagittarius Rising, Virgo Sun, and Cancer Moon: a Teacher, a Healer, and a Nurturer. I am an intuitive spiritual and Kemetic practitioner and energy worker, astrologer, and medium. I am grateful our Creator has led you to an opportunity to explore and interpret your energy from a new perspective.

 I act as a bridge between you and your Guides and you as we explore your cosmic blueprint and delve into the themes, archetypes, and energy schemes you experience this reality through.

I have been studying Hellenistic and Tropical astrology for over three years in this lifetime, and have actively integrated the lessons learned through this ancient study in a way that uplifts and benefits my highest good. I would like to share these gifts with you now. 

Our birth chart is our opportunity to glance into our destiny and what energy we must align with to walk our most optimal, highest timeline. Investing in self-knowledge through a reading you can carry with you for decades to come can help you better maintain that alignment. 

I'm so grateful you are here. Stay as long as you'd like <3 


- Your Cosmic Interpreter