Higher Self Healing
Commission Package 

This sacred offering includes a one on one spiritual intuitive reading & consultation where we will discuss, in depth, your energetic and spiritual needs, goals, and manifestations.
The contents of this session will serve as the inspiration for your Divinely channeled custom original oil painting. This painting will be a vision from our communion with your spirit guides and Highest Self to channel the visual energetic codes that will create a painting that acts as a physical portal for your connection to this beautiful, free, sacred part of you.
Your Highest Self; your truest spirit guide.
You will then receive a custom, one of a kind, original oil painting shipped to you within 8-10 weeks of our session.
It is my deepest prayer that your painting will serve your soul's evolution for decades to come. I utilize astrology in my work, looking to your natal chart to determine what elements are needed to achieve balance as well as celebrate and honor your specific placements. I also utilize numerology and other esoteric studies in my work in creating the most energetically supportive painting possible. I often include familiars (spirit guides incarnated as pets) and channel from your guides symbols and elements tailored to your growth and healing process. There are many private rituals I act out to bless and enchant the painting to serve your highest good and act as a physically protected portal of alignment and enlightenment attuned to your specific energetic needs.
Rainbow Waterfall

"I’ve invested/supported many of Sydney’s artistic endeavors, but this by far was my favorite. I talked with Sydney about wanting a commission piece for a long time. With her creative & spiritual essence we came to the conclusion that I wanted her to paint a version of my higher self.


Sydney went above & beyond my expectations using personal pictures & preferences for inspirations - she embodied the most beautiful “higher self” portrait that I could have envisioned. Not only is it more than I could have asked for, it immediately brought an overwhelming sense of peace into my life as soon as it was placed in my personal environment.


I texted Sydney the day I hung it in my space because I decided to do a little mediation to welcome the new piece into my home. As I was meditating I looked up and saw a double rainbow. I knew instantly this was a sign from my higher self thanking me for allowing a talented & ethereal soul like Sydney to embody & bring to life a piece of my soul that I will forever cherish.


Sydney is someone I would trust with any commission because it is obvious she loves what she does & truly puts her heart & soul into any piece that she creates. I am forever thankful to her for bringing what cannot be put into words into art. Art that I will have for a lifetime." 


- Meredith R.

Higher Self Healing

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